Privacy Policy

In a world dominated by digital interactions, personal information security is critical. At Free Bonus Casino, we value your privacy and follow strict protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of any information you submit to us. This page provides a thorough summary of our dedication to your privacy.

1. Personal Information Protection:

Free Bonus Casino is committed to respecting the privacy of any personal information you provide us. This includes but is not limited to your name, address, phone number, and email address. We shall never release, sell, or rent such information to any third parties or persons.

2. Credit Card Security:

Your financial security is extremely important to us. Free Bonus Casino clearly declares that we will never request your credit card information. We strongly warn against entering such personal information into any forms on the Free Bonus Casino platform.

3. External Site Disclaimer:

Free Bonus Casino takes no responsibility for the content of external websites. Users are advised to verify the privacy policies of external websites before giving any personal information, since these sites are independent of Free Bonus Casino.

4. Understanding Cookies:

To improve the user experience, Free Bonus Casino uses “cookies,” which are little data text files stored in your browser. These cookies enable Free Bonus Casino to remember you on subsequent visits, allowing for easier personalization. Importantly, these cookies do not include any personal information, and Free Bonus Casino does not use them to acquire such data. Third-party content providers, such as newsfeeds, may also employ cookies.

5. Internet Usage Risks:

While Free Bonus Casino uses strong security precautions, it is critical to understand the inherent risks of internet use. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords and account information secure. Furthermore, third-party sites or services accessible through Free Bonus Casino have different data and privacy procedures, and PS88 accepts no responsibility for their policies or conduct.

6. Direct Communication with Vendors:

Users are urged to contact vendors and other third parties directly to inquire about their privacy policies. Free Bonus Casino values transparency and encourages users to contact relevant institutions if they have any issues about data protection.

Finally, Free Bonus Casino remains committed to protecting your privacy. By following these values and practices, we hope to create a safe and trustworthy online environment. While we attempt to protect your personal information, we encourage users to be attentive and proactive in their approach to online security. Together, we can establish a digital landscape that cherishes and protects everyone’s privacy.

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